Tuesday, 13 March 2012

All while I was in school and through various jobs, I have realized that most success in life is all about "Emotional Labour". There is a podcast by Seth Gordin CBC Podcast Interview that tells all about it. What I learned about Emotional Labour is you have to go beyond and do the things that other people would think is a bother. Things like doing that extra research, making that extra copy, advertising yourself outside of the work place/school, pretty much going the extra mile when you don't really have to.   To have any type of success in life, you must have initiative and drive to put you in front of all of the rest of the competition. It's basically really putting yourself in your work, your "emotionally" putting yourself in your work. You have to really want it to get what you want in life. Taking that little extra mile will pay off in the end, it's just having to do the "labour" is what a lot of people don't like to do.

I have to pick three people or organizations that show the meaning of emotional labour. First person I chose was someone I know from a really good friend, her name is Sandra Hill and she is a photographer/artist. Her Facebook site is Sandra Hill Photography and she specializes in New Born Photography.

She has her own company and always has her stuff on Facebook and even when I talked to her before, you can really tell she is so passionate about art and photography. She has her family involved and started out in her own home. She's actually personally inspired me to really get somewhere with my art.

Another person is one I learned about in class, Von Glitschka. He is an amazing Graphic Designer and I like visiting his site and watching the videos he does. Glitschka Studios site is awesome and makes everything public and always has stuff published on FB. Thats taking the extra steps to promote what you do and that's also another sign for "emotional labour".

My last choice would have to be Leif Peng. I'm totally not trying to be a "brown-noser", I just think its a good example. He has a blog (LeifDrawing101) , flicker for inspirational photo's, always advertising different things on google plus and is always giving the extra help out of class. All this stuff takes so much extra time and this is what emotional labour is.

You have to always start somewhere and it just takes a lot of hard work and dedication to really make it anywhere in life.