Tuesday, 17 April 2012

International Women's Day Poster

Hi everyone. I hope everyone having a great day blogging. :) I finished my International Women's day poster. It was a pretty long process though. My first steps were figuring out a concept and I know I wanted to do mother earth. After I got my colour comp and everything I knew I wanted to put a poem in the design for my description, so I got my good friend Zina miller and RK to make an awesome poem. I knew I had to make the layout a little different so I came up with this:

After I got the layout exactly the way I wanted it, I started my painting. It took awhile but I am happy with the end result.

The Poem is (if you can't see it):

She is the universe's dancing soul.

Not only a mother to the people.
She's the daughter to the sun.
An aunt to the waters.
A grandmother to life in the wild.

Mistreated and Forgotten.
Though she's been abused,
She is forever spinning.
Giving food, air, water everyday.

We forget she still needs us.
She needs us to give thanks.
Appreciate and take care, as
In the end- without her-
We are nothing.

Although she can be distractive,
She is beautiful in so many ways.
With so little effort she can
Take your breath away.

Like every women she needs to be noticed.
So... absorb her everyday beauty.
Thank her for all she gives.

A piece of mother earth lies in every woman.
And every women is a mother,
Is shelter, is protector of humanity.
Every woman deserves our praise.

I made this poem the way it is because I believe that women are very sacred, more then anyone even realizes. Every woman is apart of nature. Woman give life and need to be more recognized as a piece of mother earth. It also kind of also has a second meaning because not only do we need to treat women better but we also need to actually take care of our mother earth. I made the colour scheme complimentary so that it really stands out at you and make you want to read the poem. I really enjoyed this and hope you enjoy it as well. :)
Illustation Friday: "shades"

My inspiration for this week was a illustration by Fred Irvin. I really like how its only a couple colours and thats what I'm going to do with my marker illustration. Its quite simple but also bring the veiwer in.

I wanted to do the same type of effect as Fred Irvin's illustration. This weeks word was shades and the first thing I think of when I hear the word shades is those shutter shades that the celeberties where. I think they look pretty neat and wanted to do a cool marker illustation for that. 

I made a sketch of a person with those "shutter shades" on But I wanted to make it kind of abstact looking so I didn't make a face on it.

I made the shades a rich red and made the face part black to make the shades stand out because thats what the word is this week. I made the outside part of the sweater a dark purple to make the shades to stand out. I thought that a bright green would of worked well in the place of the purple but then I thought about it and it kind of would of took the spotlight off of the shades.

heres my book cover design for "shades"

Illistration Friday: "Intention"

This weeks word was intention and my inspiration for this is a cute illustration by Susan Pearl.
I really like the cartoon style and how cute and simple this is. It has a good sense of balance and inspired me to make a cartoon like illustration for this weeks word. 

This weeks word was intention. The first thought to my head when I hear the word "intention" is having the intention of pranking someone. Probably because me, my friends, and my family are always joking around and pranking each other. I wanted to change it up a little and used pencil crayons. I went with a monochromatic colour scheme. I made a kid paling a prank on his older brother. It has the brother getting all wet from the prank with the bucket on the door.