Thursday, 26 January 2012

This week is week 2 and our word for Illustration Friday is "prepare" at first I really didn't know how to illustrate something like that, but after observing things and people around me I came to see that this topic was easy! Preparing a meal!

My inspiration for my drawing is a pen and ink drawing by Daniel Vierge. I really like how rough  looking it looks. I want to make my drawing to look a little rough like how Vierge illustrates it. I also like the view and how he positioned the buildings, kind of a frame within a frame.

My media I chose was graphite pencil, I know I wanted someone preparing a meal. Here are some of my thumbnails:

I chose the first thumbnail because it was one of my best friends cooking and it was easier for me to draw with a actual model in front of me, like I said I was going for a kind of rough look with my drawing. Here are the steps I took to complete my drawing:

Here is my book cover for "prepare", after drawing for the word "prepare" and seeing what I came up with I thought it looked like the perfect old fashioned cook book! pretty proud of myself!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My 1st Week- Illistration Friday- "Grounded"

I am following this site called Illistration Friday and it's a pretty cool from what I can see so far. Artist from everywhere follow this site each week, and each week there is a word assigned to get inspiration from. This is my first week and this weeks word was "grounded", my inspiration for this project was a peice by René Bouché. I really like how she incorperates colour with white and black imaging. It is a beautiful but very simple artwork, it's also very well balanced. I want to put drawing and colour in my artwork like she does in this peice.

At first I really didn't know what to draw for the word "grounded", then I thought about it, when someone is grounded,  you are basically stuck, not moving, and going nowhere. I know so many people, including my own family, that let their problems and sorrows from their past keep them "grounded". Alot of people around the world let their problems define them. My three thumbnails are of images of a person who is stuck in a state of mind of being "grounded".

I wanted to have a guy sticking out of the ground trying to escape and that part of the my artwork I wanted to be graphite pencil. I want the colour portion of it to be the "problems" or "sorrows" that are all around him, keeping him stuck. These are the steps I took.

I have decided to make a book cover for my graphic:

Monday, 16 January 2012

(1st blog ever, PUMPED!) I am making a painting for Iternational Womens Day. I had to choose a women that inspires me, but I want to do something different; something no one else would do. One thing that has always inspired me the most in my life is our Mother Earth. I believe that every women is very much apart of mother earth. The artwork that inspired me is a Cosmopolitan Magazine Illitrated by Al Parker. I really love that way he positioned her and the cloak.  The complimentury colour scheme is really good and the star shapes on the dress are very dramatic.


I wanted to have a women of some kind to be in a position similar to Al Parkers Magazine, I wanted her to blend in with the scenery/nature. I wanted her dress to turn into the water or her hair to the clouds. Here are my thumbnails.

For my colour comp, I wanted to do a complimentary colour scheme so it could pop out at you! This is what I got but I have changed the position of everything a bit for the final. Stay tuned for more! :D