Sunday, 26 February 2012

It is Week 10 now for anyone who has been following Illustration Friday, this weeks word was fluid. I wanted to do something kind of abstract this week. For my inspiration (I don't know if I can do this) but I used this photo:

This photo is done by yours truly Mazinn Marissa Martin and I called it "Blue Rain". :) I came across this when I was doing a photography assignment and then I took it to photoshop, worked my magic, and made it look awesome! I really like how it looks like upside down rain. The colours are so vibrant and just pop out. I also love how it looks abstract and that's why I chose this photo.

When I think of the word "fluid" I think of the best fluid you could have, which is water. I wanted to sort of a water fall. Since it is abstract I didn't really do thumbnails but I did do a sketch:

After knowing what I kinda want to do, I came up with this process:

Here is my book cove design for my illustration:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week with Illustration Friday! :) We are now on Week 7 and this weeks word was popularity. When I think of popularity, I think of the main place "popularity" really counts is in High school. There is always that popular girl that everyone talks about, knows or knows of.

For my inspiration I chose a water colour painting by Michael David Sorensen. If you haven't noticed, I have been really liking water colour for the past couple weeks. I just really love how the colours just blend so well together and it looks awesome! I like how it's realistic with the old school "shaggin'-wagon" and the part of the tree but in the leaves it looks really washed out and kinda abstract.

I know I wanted to do a scene of a "popular girl" walking down the hall with people wispering in the background because that's what happens in high school where alot of rumours get spread around. I wanted to also make it a read monocormatic red colour scheme since this week was Valentines week, I wanted to be festive and make it a lovey-dovey red.
Here are my thumbnails:

Here is my process I took after getting the thumbnail I wanted, I came up with this:

Here is my Book cover design:

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another week on Illistration Friday and this weeks word was "suspense".  This is a pretty crazy word to illustrate! I looked up the word and it means : a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainly about what may happen. The first scene I thought after reading the  definition was a scene of when you go on a roller coaster and its the first big drop. That is one of the most suspenseful moment I can think of.

For my inspiration was an illustration by Gerald Andrea. This is a very interesting painting cause it's detailed but also leaves out a lot of the background detail. I really like the analogous colour scheme with the green and the blue. Here are my thumbnails:

When I started to paint, at first I was going to make it realistic. Then I was thinking when you are in the moment of almost dropping on the roller coaster, that you have a lot of adrenaline going and everything isn't very clear. I made my painting look really rough and jagged. Here are my steps:

Here is my book cover graphic:

Welcome back to some Mazinn Art! :) 
On week 5 for "illustration friday" this weeks word is "forward". When I first heard forward I thought of a forward button, but I cant really illustrate a forward button and theres no meaning behind it, and I personally like to have a meaning behind my art. Then I was online and decided to look at some art for inspiration and some popped out to me, but then I across a painting by Walter Wyles and I really connected with this painting, its exciting and mysterious.
This painting also stands out to me because its water colour and the analogue colour scheme is bring and colourful, vibrant and alive.

This painting looks to me like sails in waters on fire, but at the same time it doesn't, it makes it look like a beautiful but tragic moment, makes you wonder how the painter, Wyles was thinking and feeling at that moment.

For my thumbnails I wanted to draw a man walking forward to something important to him, like his cozy zone.

After connecting with Wyles painting I wanted to do somewhat the same effect as his painting. So for my painting for this week I made a mono colour scheme, I wanted this effect to represent the calm waters. Here was my process:

Here is my book cover graphic:

Saturday, 4 February 2012

On Week 4, this weeks word was "Twirl". I was really excited when I found out I had to paint "twirl" when I think of the word twirl, I think of  Shawl Dancers. I always went to the pow wows as a child, it was very beautiful watching the shawl dancers twirl with their beautiful beaded dresses, and colourful ribbons that held their hair. My Inspiration was a painting called "Traditions Promise" by a Native artist named Tom Shropshire. I really like how he made the Mother and Daughter stand out with the beams of light in the background. Tom Shropshire did the complimentary colour scheme very well.

Here are my Thumbnails:

Here are the painting steps I went through :

I made it an analogous colour scheme also I made it so it had a symmetrical balance, I love to make it vibrant with colour! I painted a shawl dancer in the sky so she is close to the Creator when she dances. Here is my book cover: