Thursday, 26 January 2012

This week is week 2 and our word for Illustration Friday is "prepare" at first I really didn't know how to illustrate something like that, but after observing things and people around me I came to see that this topic was easy! Preparing a meal!

My inspiration for my drawing is a pen and ink drawing by Daniel Vierge. I really like how rough  looking it looks. I want to make my drawing to look a little rough like how Vierge illustrates it. I also like the view and how he positioned the buildings, kind of a frame within a frame.

My media I chose was graphite pencil, I know I wanted someone preparing a meal. Here are some of my thumbnails:

I chose the first thumbnail because it was one of my best friends cooking and it was easier for me to draw with a actual model in front of me, like I said I was going for a kind of rough look with my drawing. Here are the steps I took to complete my drawing:

Here is my book cover for "prepare", after drawing for the word "prepare" and seeing what I came up with I thought it looked like the perfect old fashioned cook book! pretty proud of myself!

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  1. What a nice drawing, Marissa -- but don't forget, each week's assignment must be completed as a graphic design of some sort. Be sure to read the instructions on our class blog carefully so you meet all the criteria:

    From the blog:

    Show work in progress and explain your working process.

    Show the final design - and include graphic design elements. Mock the design up to demonstrate its potential usefulness for some commercial purpose (i.e. a movie poster, a brochure, a web page, etc.)