Saturday, 4 February 2012

On Week 4, this weeks word was "Twirl". I was really excited when I found out I had to paint "twirl" when I think of the word twirl, I think of  Shawl Dancers. I always went to the pow wows as a child, it was very beautiful watching the shawl dancers twirl with their beautiful beaded dresses, and colourful ribbons that held their hair. My Inspiration was a painting called "Traditions Promise" by a Native artist named Tom Shropshire. I really like how he made the Mother and Daughter stand out with the beams of light in the background. Tom Shropshire did the complimentary colour scheme very well.

Here are my Thumbnails:

Here are the painting steps I went through :

I made it an analogous colour scheme also I made it so it had a symmetrical balance, I love to make it vibrant with colour! I painted a shawl dancer in the sky so she is close to the Creator when she dances. Here is my book cover:

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