Sunday, 12 February 2012

Welcome back to some Mazinn Art! :) 
On week 5 for "illustration friday" this weeks word is "forward". When I first heard forward I thought of a forward button, but I cant really illustrate a forward button and theres no meaning behind it, and I personally like to have a meaning behind my art. Then I was online and decided to look at some art for inspiration and some popped out to me, but then I across a painting by Walter Wyles and I really connected with this painting, its exciting and mysterious.
This painting also stands out to me because its water colour and the analogue colour scheme is bring and colourful, vibrant and alive.

This painting looks to me like sails in waters on fire, but at the same time it doesn't, it makes it look like a beautiful but tragic moment, makes you wonder how the painter, Wyles was thinking and feeling at that moment.

For my thumbnails I wanted to draw a man walking forward to something important to him, like his cozy zone.

After connecting with Wyles painting I wanted to do somewhat the same effect as his painting. So for my painting for this week I made a mono colour scheme, I wanted this effect to represent the calm waters. Here was my process:

Here is my book cover graphic:

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