Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another week on Illistration Friday and this weeks word was "suspense".  This is a pretty crazy word to illustrate! I looked up the word and it means : a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainly about what may happen. The first scene I thought after reading the  definition was a scene of when you go on a roller coaster and its the first big drop. That is one of the most suspenseful moment I can think of.

For my inspiration was an illustration by Gerald Andrea. This is a very interesting painting cause it's detailed but also leaves out a lot of the background detail. I really like the analogous colour scheme with the green and the blue. Here are my thumbnails:

When I started to paint, at first I was going to make it realistic. Then I was thinking when you are in the moment of almost dropping on the roller coaster, that you have a lot of adrenaline going and everything isn't very clear. I made my painting look really rough and jagged. Here are my steps:

Here is my book cover graphic:

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