Sunday, 26 February 2012

It is Week 10 now for anyone who has been following Illustration Friday, this weeks word was fluid. I wanted to do something kind of abstract this week. For my inspiration (I don't know if I can do this) but I used this photo:

This photo is done by yours truly Mazinn Marissa Martin and I called it "Blue Rain". :) I came across this when I was doing a photography assignment and then I took it to photoshop, worked my magic, and made it look awesome! I really like how it looks like upside down rain. The colours are so vibrant and just pop out. I also love how it looks abstract and that's why I chose this photo.

When I think of the word "fluid" I think of the best fluid you could have, which is water. I wanted to sort of a water fall. Since it is abstract I didn't really do thumbnails but I did do a sketch:

After knowing what I kinda want to do, I came up with this process:

Here is my book cove design for my illustration:

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