Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hello everyone, welcome back to another week with Illustration Friday! :) We are now on Week 7 and this weeks word was popularity. When I think of popularity, I think of the main place "popularity" really counts is in High school. There is always that popular girl that everyone talks about, knows or knows of.

For my inspiration I chose a water colour painting by Michael David Sorensen. If you haven't noticed, I have been really liking water colour for the past couple weeks. I just really love how the colours just blend so well together and it looks awesome! I like how it's realistic with the old school "shaggin'-wagon" and the part of the tree but in the leaves it looks really washed out and kinda abstract.

I know I wanted to do a scene of a "popular girl" walking down the hall with people wispering in the background because that's what happens in high school where alot of rumours get spread around. I wanted to also make it a read monocormatic red colour scheme since this week was Valentines week, I wanted to be festive and make it a lovey-dovey red.
Here are my thumbnails:

Here is my process I took after getting the thumbnail I wanted, I came up with this:

Here is my Book cover design:

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